About Tasha

I live half a country away, in one direction or another, from the vast majority of my loved ones. I have taken exactly one photography class, and I was very much the oddball in it, since I was a science grad student and not a MFA student. My mother loaned me her Canon T50 for my three month study abroad to Kenya, and very kindly let me keep it after the fact. I've been avidly wanting to take pictures ever since.

I did not develop a single roll of film in Kenya, but somehow my skills improved while I was there any way. The photos from the first half of the trip are terrible, out of focus and confusing. Some of the photos from the second half are breath-taking. I don't know how this improvement happened, but I'm glad for it.

I hope this photoblog retains the attention of said loved ones. I'd like for them to see what's going on in my world, a glimpse at a time. If people I don't know wish to watch too, that's lovely. I hope everyone finds something to enjoy.

Photography Equipment

Unless otherwise noted, color images have been shot with a Canon PowerShot G7. Black and white photos have been shot with a Nikon FG. I occasionally use a Canon T50 for color photos, but less so since I've gotten the G7. I have a tripod, but it doesn't see much use because we don't get along well. I don't have any other equipment, other than a telephoto lens for the T50. I love the T50 and it's telephoto dearly, but it's easier to carry the G7 around. I pull the Nikon out when I want to remind myself of how to do things manually. Actually, I love all my cameras and equipment (except the tripod, which I will someday replace), but I bet that's not an abnormal thing around here.