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Angelique on Cozy Noodles.
I definitely recommend going to Cozy Noodles. No, I don't know anything about them, but I want live vicariously ...

Angelique on It's gonna happen
As befits a Cub fan, part of me is enchanted and uplifted. The other part of me thinks that sign is likely to be older ...

Angelique on DUCK!
I absolutely heart how these photos aren't just the obvious--glimpses into your day, but through the cute little ...

Maria on Some things don't really change.
You may have eaten lunch, but you didn't eat the pepperoni! (It didn't count as food anyway)

dogilicious on Don't walk on our bulldog.
Great story. As strange as it seems, traditions like these are great. They unify all the people who ever went to ...

Maria on Don't walk on our bulldog.
They were just amused by the students with toothbrushes, of course.

Angelique on Don't walk on our bulldog.
Wow, the inanity of this is just strange and stunning. I would love for them to block off other squares of the floor ...

Bill Weiss on Something's not quite right here...
It's his borrowed "bling-bling". Would have been better with one of his Rolexes, but it's not like ...

Bill Weiss on Something's not quite right here...
Yep, that's me.

Kenton on Albuquerque Sunset 2
Nice shot, I like the contrast between the shadow of the mountain and the brightness of the light coming through the ...

Rags on Rainy
she is a lovely looking child.

Mel on Curt
Cute guy! And more importantly, you framed this so perfectly. Great composition!

Dimitrios on Rainy
true, especialy when they are crumbs on the lips! fine portrait

Bill Weiss on 721
Hey, it's fun! I tell people the wagon is for better weight distribution. In fact, it's just so I can get ...

Bill Weiss on Curt
All of those are true, excepting (possibly) his taste in movies :)

Rags on Erin's lunch
very cool!

Mel on Oasis
Fantastic! Sharpness exactly where it should be. Good balance.

Claire on Oasis
I love it :)

Bill Weiss on He's still talking.
He looks kind of insane there. I'm going to print some out and post them on his office.

Rags on Mother & Adult Child
Good job.

Ras on Watching 2
I feel this one is better than the previous one because with the added foliage and background, as a viewer I am still ...

GJC on Watching 2
Just my thought but, I think this is better than the first. The sky is more relevant here because you can see cloud ...

GJC on Watching
I like the composition quite a bit because of the mesmerized expressions of them all. I'd like to see a sharper ...

Ras on Albuquerque Sunset 1
glimpses of heaven, bravo work.

Angelique on Albuquerque Sunset 1
I've been flipping back and forth between the two photos and decided I think this one is stronger. When you can ...

Angelique on Chair lift in summer 2
This looks like an amazing photo and viewing it in my web browser just isn't doing it justice b/c I can't see ...

Claire on Albuquerque Sunset 2
I think this one looks nice too, but the one with the dark mountain is more striking

Ekaputra Tupamahu on Albuquerque Sunset 2

GJC on Albuquerque Sunset 1
Beautiful. I don't think the foreground is boring at all -- indeed, I'd like it blacker so it's only a ...

Bhavin on Albuquerque Sunset 1
Wow absolutely amazing picture. I got some great pictures myself similar to this one, if you want to check them out ...

Howard on Albuquerque Sunset 1
Ooooo purty

Masoud Nahali on Chair lift in summer
A kindly woman with a interesting background. well done.

Veronelle on Albuquerque Sunset 1
Nice sunlight

Rags on Shoes, Flowers and Food. What could be better?
Nice looking shoes!

Angelique on Shoes, Flowers and Food. What could be better?
I definitely had not seen the shoes previously. Unlike your family members, however, I am distraught at the idea of ...

Mel on Fluffy
I so miss those clouds :( Wonderful job on the texture!

greg on Fluffy
agreed.. that cloud is awesome... and it's a success Tasha.. I really liked it...

Laurie on Paul at The Bean
Great Bean pics, Tasha! I really enjoyed them! I definitely have to get back up to Chicago sometime! I want to check ...

Laurie on The other side of The Bean
Sweet! I love this image! I love the warped skyline. You know, this might look totally off the hook if you shot it ...

Tom on The Bean, mostly without other darn people around.
Aww, Hon, you are always a pleasure to be around.. even in the mornings. Plus I have a quote from you at 7:42am - ...

Bill Weiss on The Bean, mostly without other darn people around.
And here I would have just described you in the morning (sans sleep, etc) as "surly". Your description is ...

Mel on The other side of The Bean
This is the most amazing pic I've seen from you. I'm serious. Composition: amazing. Color and lighting: ...

Barbara on The other side of The Bean
Another wonderful capture. Interesting how the distortion of the bean prevented your reflection. But I do love the ...

Barbara on The Bean, mostly without other darn people around.
Excellent capture, funny story.

Barbara on The Bean + 2
Ironically I was just talking about the bean yesterday. I've never seen it in person. Fabulous shot, I like the ...

Laurie on The Bean + 2
The reflections off that thing are amazing! The addition of people does add a little something to the image! Nice ...

DarkElf on The Bean, mostly without other darn people around.
yes - great story behind the photo... the lonely bean looks really cool and the reflection is nice as well...

Kenton on The Bean, mostly without other darn people around.
What a great shot. Is this bean thing supposed to represent something? Or is it just an art piece?

Laurie on The Bean, mostly without other darn people around.
Thanks for the effort because it's a wonderful pic! I like the story behind it, too. I love Chicago and I hope to ...

Mel on The Bean, mostly without other darn people around.
You did it! I think both pics (with and without people) are awesome!

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